Not a huge Sheryl Crow fan, so in lieu I give you:

For today’s challenge, found here, we are to take something and look at it with a fresh perspective, as a baby would find everything new and fresh around them. I’ve often said that all we can really hope for is that we don’t fuck our kids up too much.

I’ve written before how I see myself slowly becoming my mother (here), but as I get older I realize that maybe that isn’t the worst thing in the world. The reason I began using Dr Ruth 2point0 originally is because, like an update of computer software, I aim to become the updated Dr. Ruth (If you don’t remember Dr. Ruth, this is her).

Likewise, however, I also aim to become the 2point0 version of my mother. The new and improved version of our line. In talking to my 11 year old the other day, I said something and then said whoa Mimi (my mother) just came out didn’t she? He laughed and said well probably one day I’ll turn into Daddy too (the kid is philosophical already huh? lol). I said well Mimi has great traits and not so great traits, just like the hubbs, just like me, just like everyone else in the world. I know, though, that each day the hubbs’ tries to be better than his father, who was not a very nice person. So I asked him (my little bit) if he thought he had a good mommy and daddy, to which he replies, the best (isn’t this age great! You’re still awesome and you still know everything)! I hope he still thinks so in another dozen years or so. Until then, all we can do is strive to be better than our parents before us.

And hopefully, we won’t fuck them up too much.

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