I told my daughter, almost 21, something like this the other day: I hate to tell you but I’m seeing more and more of my mother in me everyday. One day, you’re gonna be me, sorry kid! Now, I love my mother. She is my mother and she loves us. She’s not the easiest person in the world, but hell, neither am I at times. We have had a very rocky relationship, at best. Non-speaking terms, at worst. As she gets older however, our relationship gets better, so I think that’s awesome.

What you said!! 

I catch myself all the time saying things and I realize oh my goddess, my mother says that all the time! It really freaks me out sometimes! LOL My mother is a typical Jewish Hippie (that’s typical right?) In any case, I was at work one time and a co-worker (who always liked to think he was just a-MAH-zing) says to me, “Oh cmon, you know you want this.” After I made a comment that he wasn’t all that or something to that effect. I replied, “You should be so lucky!” To which he immediately asks, “Are you Jewish??” Ahahaha, he caught me!! Seriously though, it could be worse. My mother looks like Meryl Streep (try following that one up!), my friends always thought she was “the coolest,” she’s funny and an excellent story teller. I mean I’ve seriously almost peed my pants. She also has some bad traits that made my teen and young adult years particularly difficult. She’s got a quick temper, she is way too concerned about what other people think of us and our family, and has serious issues regarding money (Aside: She was born IN Poland, directly after the Holocaust. My grandparents met in a work camp in Russia. They went back to Poland to see if my grandfather had any surviving siblings. Out of 8 siblings, he and his youngest sister lived. Out of my grandmothers 6 siblings, her and two brothers survived camps. Not finding family, they moved to the US with literally the clothes on their back, that’s it! Boy that was a long aside!) 

I have been told I have a great laugh (I like to think of it as lusty) and tell a great story. People have told me I look like Nelly Furtado (I’ll take it!!! Even it it isn’t true!). I grew up to be the “cool mom,” as well. I also have very little patience when I have a migraine and I can have a bit of a temper. I could give a shit less what others think of me, however. They either like me or they don’t, whatevs. I’m usually a funny, happy-go-lucky kinda gal also. I, likewise, have money issues. However, my mother’s issue is the fear she will not have money again (she was 9 when she came to the US, just in time to be ridiculed for homemade clothes), so she does anything she can to protect and horde it. I believe it is what lead to the downfall of her and my step-dad’s (the man that raised me too) marriage.I. on the other hand, grew up pretty well off. My mother married doctors (two of them) and a pharmacist.  My mother is a University Professor and does talks on art and culture. If I wanted something or needed something, chances are I would get it. Not to shut up me but because we had enough that we didn’t have to worry. Then you grow up….In any case, I learnt nothing about a budget or any of the other 100 things I should know, like how to save. I’m terrible with money.

I have her traits, good and bad. It’s the classic nature verses nurture debate. So maybe I get pissed off sometimes, but I tell a great story! So the next time you see your mother come out, appreciate it!