As I sit here, listening to the hubbs and his buddy from work talk baseball, it occurs to me that somewhere along the way, my “ideal” man went out the window. I couldn’t be happier either. If I never had to watch another baseball game in my life, it wouldn’t be too soon. However, I’m married to a baseball FANATIC, therefore, I watch, and listen, and smile, and be there. I hate dipping and I never dated anyone that dipped.If they did, they were gone. If you are from the South, you probably have an idea of what this is (or are with a baseball player). It’s the act of putting chewing tobacco in your cheek and allowing the nicotine to build up in your saliva and be absorbed through the mucosal membranes. The extra saliva, now pitch black with tar and nicotine, is then spit into a cup or bottle. If I didn’t revolt your with that description, then I didn’t do it justice. It’s even more disgusting than it sounds. The hubbs dips.

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If you don’t have this look on your face, I didn’t describe it well enough. 

I always said I hated a man with hair on his back. I even dated a guy who joked he was “furry like a bear” and, oh boy, was he ever! It was like a fur pelt. Thankfully, the hubbs does have hair on his back, but it’s little tufts and not a fur coat at least. The hubbs, I’ve said before, is definitely a manly man. He wouldn’t DREAM of shaving or waxing. The best I can do is when I shave his neck (oh yeah, that’s love baby), I get a touch of his shoulders as well. But, he has the most amazing, flat hair on his chest. When we cuddle, I love to lay on his chest, gently running my hands over the flat hair that doesn’t tickle my nose.

I wouldn’t change it for the world. Even though he has traits I dislike or things I didn’t think I wanted in a man, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no better man for me. Images change, what we think we want changes, and what we’re left with is usually even better.

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I love my weirdo. 

Of course, by the time we met face to face for the first time (I met my love 3,000 miles away.), I was already in love with his (generously-hairy) ass and it didn’t matter one little bit if he had a bit of extra hair. I was reading someone’s article the other day and they lamented they would never meet the person they should be with and feeling maybe a bit sorry for themselves. My answer was this: Around 6 months before I “met” the hubbs online, I swore off men. I had been in a relationship with someone who hurt me very deeply, so I decided to focus on raising my then 5 and 7 year old kids. When I met the hubbs, I didn’t think it would turn into much. Then, he slowly showed me who he was and I knew he was it. 3 months later, I went to meet him in Spokane, WA (around 3,000 miles from Memphis, TN) and one week later, he moved to Memphis, TN. Don’t get hung up on what you think you want and just be ready for what is coming to you.

The rest, as they say, is history!

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