Omg, the perfect song AND a pun! I love it! 

For today’s challenge, we are to take something from the news today and write an article about it. I chose this article, even though it’s a few days old, because the hubbs and I have hotly debated this presidential race.

He has been saying for months that Hilary Clinton is going to be the Democratic Candidate. Whilst my argument has been, the candidate isn’t chosen yet! We’ll see what happens in November!

I’m still feeling the Bern! I don’t know about you guys, but I think Bernie would be a great President. I say, put the Jewish guy into the office, he’s gonna clean it all up, but maybe that’s the Jew in me! In any case, the article basically talks about how Hilary is dropping in the polls and Bernie is the main cause of that. His numbers are picking up speed, while hers are dropping! I say, rock on! Be afraid, be very afraid.

It ain’t over til the fat lady sings!

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