It was always burning. Since the world’s been turning. We didn’t start the fire
No we didn’t light it, but we tried to fight it. ~Billy Joel

I don’t talk a lot about politics (my only example really is Solid (As Barak)) but, this is an issue the hubbs and I have hotly debated. He has some crazy kind of idea that Trump might fix the economy and therefore his rampant bigotry should be overlooked? I guess that’s a white male for you (no offense to white males, but I doubt any of you have almost come to blows with racists at a Tel Aviv vs Miami Heat basketball game). Needless to say, this meme I saw on Facebook months ago and I couldn’t have agreed more. There are not all that many differences between Hitler and Trump. Hitler was loved by the people at first. They were behind him. He was a great guy! Meanwhile, JFK was found to be a humongous womanizer and Churchill was, by all accounts, a drunk. Two men who, now, are mostly know as two of the greatest leaders either country has known. So should personal life matter to candidacy?

This advocacy campaign from a Hispanic advocacy group has recently been gaining a lot of steam.Check this out if you want to learn more about Deport Racism 2016. It’s quite tongue in cheek and they’ve been given some flack for the language used. One boy has his middle finger up and is saying-Chinga tu madre, racista de mierda (Translation: Fuck your mother, you racist piece of shit). Okay so maybe that’s a little overboard, but this one was cute:


For that matter, I probably look illegal to some people. My family is Jewish, so Middle Eastern. Because of that, people often ask me, when will war end in the Middle East. Ready? Never. That’s right, welcome to Israel’s War. It’s been going on for 5,000 years. We’ve just become more effective at killing people. 

I can’t think of anything worse for America than Trump and I’m already planning to head to either Italy or Sweden (where there are statistically the happiest people in the world). I don’t really think it’s going to happen. I have to hope the American people are smarter than that. I suppose Hilary is the valid choice, although, I’m still feeling the Bern. I just know he can pull it out somehow. I have no doubt if he is on the ticket he will be victorious. The hubbs recently told me they are preparing to announce an Independent candidate.

I, for one, am hoping it’s Bernie.

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