And every time we kiss, I swear I could fly.
Can’t you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you by my side~Cascada

The benefits of touch therapy are well proven. I’ve written a bit about this before, Touch-a, touch-a, touch-a touch me!, but the importance of having touch in your relationship whenever possible cannot be under-stressed. I’ve also written that my schedule and the hubbs’ schedule don’t always sync up so great (depending on what I’ve got going on, I talked about the challenges here). Even so, we make an effort to always spend a little time together, just us, every day. If that means I nap after my 11 year old goes down for the night, until 2 am (which is when he often gets up on Fridays and Saturdays), then that’s what it means.

Parents of younger children will relate, once the kids are there you don’t go out as much as you used to go out. In our case, the hubbs has always been a homebody, while I spent almost a decade working in various night clubs and strip clubs. He’s perfectly happy for me to go out with friends and see him when I get back. Would I like him to go with us sometimes? Not really! That being said, once the hubbs returns from work (he’s the Head Wait and his Bonefish Grill, one step below management), we settle down to watch some television with each other and we snuggle together the whole time. It’s hands down one of my top favorite things to do. I love the hubbs’ chest hair (it’s flat so I can lay on his chest without hair getting in my nose!). I love to feel his strong arms around me. I love his natural scent (pheromones are real, ya’ll!). I love that we laugh at the same jokes. I love that he looks over to see my reaction to something he reacted to (does that make sense? lol). I love that we can have differing opinions, but we never feel like that’s a bad thing.

For years the hubbs tried to talk me into king size bed. I resisted because I didn’t want our cuddle time to end. Wouldn’t you know, he was right again! I hate that! We can spend the time cuddling together for a few hours and then move over to our respective sides and sleep comfortably.As the hubbs is a snorer, I wear earplugs and an eye mask to sleep (because if I wake up and see lights, its ova). Having the king-size bed puts me just far enough away that he isn’t snoring right in my ear, but if I need him to roll on his side (this stops snoring because your throat doesn’t get covered by tonsils) he’s in tapping (if you can call smacking him and saying ROLL OVER as tapping) distance. (Funny Aside: I bought a blanket that was too small for our bed. So, I bought another that was big enough but too hot for me *thanks hot flashes and night sweats..* Now, the hubbs uses the heavy blanket (because he liked it) and I use the small blanket (because I like that one!) lol We snuggle under his blanket so we can enjoy being close and sleep with our respective blankets) 

How you sleep isn’t important, but making time for non-sexual touching is important.

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