So many people have come and gone, their faces fade as the years go by.
Yet I still recall as I wander on, as clear as the sun in the summer sky. ~Boston

As my brand spanking new awesome partner used an analogy in her writing today (here), so she inspired my article as well. A good relationship is just like a good partnership. Lucky for the both of us (Global Media Mavens-under construction), we’re like peanut butter and jam. Lucky for me and the hubbs, , we’re like peas and carrots. We compliment each other so well that name was given to us by the other people in the “game room” where we met.

A good relationship/marriage should have the same ethics as a partnership. You only get out of it what you put into it. If you collaborate on how your days will go, parenting decisions, and more, you’re relationship will soar and you will become a partnership. If you ย communicate about your goals in life, share you financial decisions, strategize about where you see your relationship heading, you will reap the benefits. If you value each other and work together in all that you do, you will see the results in your relationship. If you share the same goals, if you are on the same mission, you will also be an effective partnership.

A relationship is a partnership unlike any other but alike in so many ways. A friend asked me about her new relationship, she wanted advice. You may be surprised how much of my day I actually do spend talking about sex. You see everyone in my life knows what I do, so I am their first request usually. This is what I say about a new relationship. There were relationships that I was in and I desperately wanted them to last and relationships I couldn’t wait to end and the other person desperately wanted them to last. Guess what? Those relationships don’t last, but man am I glad they didn’t. I now have a relationship, a partnership, with my husband. We were always on the same page. We always wanted the same thing. Those are the relationships that last. This friend, she asked me, What if you want to be in a forever relationship but your partner does not? Both parties have to want a forever relationship for there to be a true, lasting, loving relationship.

You’ve got to invest to get that return.

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