Most days the hubbs works evening shifts. He works in a restaurant, so he goes when its busy, usually 3-5pm until 10pm-1am and anywhere in between. I work mornings most of the time and rarely work later than 8:30. This means I’m ready for bed before the hubbs, and he wakes up later than I do 99% of the time. If we didn’t make the time to be together, we could effectively go for a week and see very little of each other. Thankfully, our days off usually coincide for most of the day anyhow. So, adjustments have to be made. This is what happens on a general work week day.

I get up at around 9:00-9:30. Our 10 year old is home-schooled so he’s usually just waking up as well and he will chill on the computer for a bit while I go to work and the hubbs catches a few extra hours.

The hubbs gets up around noon, gets the kiddo some lunch, gets him started on school-work. Add in whatever household stuff needs to be done, then I return around 3 or 4. I make sure that schoolwork has been finished and graded. The hubbs leaves for work. The kiddo and I have our night, dinner, going to run errands, etc.

Around 10, the kiddo settles into bed and I await the hubbs return from work. We relax for a bit. The hubbs comes home and we have a snack, watch a little TV, Β talk about our day, have sex and snuggle some and then I go to bed. The hubbs chills by himself for a bit.

Do I ever wish I had more sleep? Sure, but I don’t sleep so fantastic anyhow, so why not put my time and energy into my relationship. I’m sure everyone has seen this line on something – I’ll sleep when I’m dead. I would rather give up a little bit of rest to spend some extra time with the hubbs, with whom my time is already quite limited. It will pay off in happiness and contentment and that is way more valuable than sleep to me.

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