If I let you know…. Are you responsible…..I hope you’re responsible or I gotta watch my back. Are you that somebody, tell me you’re that somebody.

I haven’t talked much about this part of our story (mine and the hubbs). When we met, he was 27 and I was 28.My oldest two kids were always my priority when I was dating. The idea was he was going to move from Washington State to Tennessee. One of my best friends was going to put him up in our guest room while the kids, then 5 and 7, I believe, got used to the idea. Since the hubbs and I met under such different circumstances than most couples (I met my love 3,000 miles away.), we wanted to give the kids time to figure out who he was. We drove to Nashville in freezing cold (my heater decided to go out about 20 seconds before we left, natch), picked up the hubbs, and went to eat as soon as we got back to Memphis.


As we were eating at one of mine and the kids favorite restaurants in Memphis (I guess you’d call it that) and institution, Picadilly. So, we explained to the kids that we were probably going to be together a long time, but we didn’t want him just to be a stranger in their house all the sudden.To which both kids said, that’s silly!! He should come home with us!! And the rest, as they say, is history. I had a wonderful step dad and he really showed me what I should look for in a step dad for my children. Well I found him and my step dad hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but particularly from my daughter, who he was part of most of her life, have some similar mannerisms and habits. It’s so weird! I know this isn’t always the case and if it isn’t for you, I’m sorry.

It’s hard but, remember that ex of yours you were deeply in love with at one time (well, most couples! lol).