Once a cheater, always a cheater. True? Some people will cheat whether things are good and others will not cheat not matter how bad things get. What about that one? True?

A friend of mine met his ex-wife the weekend after she married a different man. That night they got together. They got married a few years later-she cheated on him. Surprised? I wasn’t-he was. So what is the anatomy of a cheater?


*A phone, one that you can’t touch or look at.

*A computer, with a cleared history and lots of passwords, all different.

*A mouth, that tells so many little lies that you wonder what whoppers you don’t know.

*A body, that needs a shower when it gets home.

*A mind, that is only in a relationship when you are around.

*Actions that speak louder than words. Lots of working late, being unavailable when you know s/he should be available, and questioning you because of their own guilt.

Now, one of these things does not necessarily mean your SO (significant other) is a cheater, but all or multiple things are certainly red flags! For example, the hubbs is very protective of his phone. I suspect this is because we have been married/together for quite a while. After a while, especially in a relationship with children, nothing is really YOURS per se, more like ours, and I get that. I also know that he isn’t a cheater. I definitely believe that some people will cheat no matter how good something is and others will not cheat no matter how bad things get. I know myself and I know the hubbs and I know this is not part of who we are. We have had our share of rough times, but we never stop working. Working toward a better relationship and a better life. When you are prepared to be by each other in those times, it is not only easier to weather hard times, but also to enjoy the good times.

So kick that cheater to the curb!