I can now confirm, since the important people have all been told, I’m gonna be a grandma! Wait, I’m gonna be a grandma???? Omg!! I found out by accident.
We were leaving the mall and, getting out at another stop, my son’s girlfriend says, I want a Laotian wedding. I said, oh were talking wedding already? As long as we’re not talking baby yet. We’re not talking baby right? To which they both look to the ground and I realize, we’re pregnant already. I say we although my answer to more children for quite a while has been….if I’m pregnant someone is in big trouble!! Namely my ob/gyn that performed my tubal ligation all those many years ago. Besides which, I’m barely forty and going to be a grandma!! (I’ve decided to go with Bubbe-Yiddish for grandma)
Neither here nor there cuz a baby is on the way!
I shouldn’t be so shocked, my oldest son is almost 22, definitely grown, and in the Air Force. Nevertheless, upon receiving confirmation they were indeed with child, I screamed, “oh my god!! A baby!!” loud enough for most people also entering Barnes and Noble to turn around and I had some flashbacks to this moment 22 years ago when I told my mother and she declared herself Mimi, and not old enough to be a grandma. I gotta say, I feel her now! Although I don’t know her very well yet, his girlfriend is just as sweet as can be and I think he chose well. The hubbs, who isn’t taking well to being called Zadi (Yiddish for grandpa), thinks it was soon. Maybe it was, but I know my son is smart, and devoted, and good so I have utter faith in him. If it’s a boy, they’re going to name him Elliot, my son’s middle name, from the father I loved so dearly and lost. Maybe they’re trying to butter me up but, they hardly need to….I was kinda starting to miss having a baby around….Guess its time for some next level parenting-GRANDparenting!

And guess what, I’m gonna be a Bubbe!!