I did skip a few days since I’m so far behind (and I wonder if she ran out of steam for the end of the month, because many posts are similar) but I am picking up with day 28, found here. On day 28, we are to talk about games. Games we like (or dislike) or anything else in regards to this subject.

Since my subject matter usually goes toward the relationship/ sex arena, I thought I would use the suggestion to talk about playing games in relationship. How many times have you seen a show and seen the gal wanting to “test” her guy? This rarely works out well and usually both of you are going to get hurt.

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Good advice! Words to live by! 

People are really not that difficult to figure out, if you pay attention. Nobody likes being lied to and nobody wants to be dismissed. Listen to your partner. Most importantly, build trust. A relationship without trust is nothing. I wrote an article many months ago (Anatomy of a cheater) and in it, I posit this question: Do you agree with this- Some people will cheat no matter how good things are and some won’t cheat no matter how bad things are? I definitely do. Some people just don’t know how to keep it in their pants. This is your character. You’re a cheater! Sounds pretty nasty doesn’t it? Imagine how your SO feels.

Gotta love Eminem, right? 

The hubbs and I both know cheating is a serious deal-breaker for us. I don’t know if either of us would be able to go on if one of us strayed. We both have been devastated by cheaters in the past and we refuse to do that to each other. Am I being thick? Not seeing what’s right in front of me? No, he isn’t that type of guy. One of the issues we had those many years ago was that there was a girl that worked with the hubbs who had a crush on him. Him, being the kind of guy he is, started inviting her to do things with the family because she didn’t really have one. I told him, That girl is in love with you and I don’t like being put in this position. It took him a few months to see it, but as soon as he did, we never saw her again. He’s not going to ruin almost 15 years of built trust for a few minutes of fun. You see, he’s a pretty smart guy (he married me after all 😉 )

We play fair. Because he might be my second husband, but he will certainly be my last.

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