Before I was using song titles, and definitely old, but a lovely sentiment I think.

The Self-Actualized Life

I was talking to a friend today about my relationship with the hubbs. I made the comment, while talking about one my favorite subjects and upcoming doctoral dissertation, disposable relationships, that neither of us worried the other would cheat. Some have told me this is just my dim view of the world, but most say wow. I said that the hubbs trusts me. He knows that I would never cheat on him. He knows that cheating on me would be a serious deal-breaker for me and things would never be the same. More than that, I don’t believe he would ever hurt me that way. It happened with his ex and it was pretty rough. My friends reaction was man he must sleep good at night! He meant that the hubbs had a security that he didn’t have and I’m sure a lot of people don’t have either.

Bottom line:…

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