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I’ve been reading the newest Cassandra Clare Shadowhunters novel and I came across a line surprisingly profound for a fantasy book. One of the characters says, “If there is one thing I have learned in my life, and I grant I have not learned much, it is this: Neither Fair Folk nor mortals know what love is or is not. No one does.” As much as we think we know about love or relationships, there is so much we do not know. Every day I strive to have a better marriage and to understand the hubbs better. Just because we’ve been together a decade and a half doesn’t mean anything. The second you stop working on your relationship is the moment that relationship stops working for you.

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I mentioned we had a family tragedy recently (We’re not broken just bent And we can learn to love again). My grandson passed away. I was unable to make it there for the funeral, because of work obligations. However, I sit now in the Minneapolis airport on my return, I am glad I was able to finally make it. Even though it was only a few days, it was worth it to be there for my kids (I mean my oldest son and his wife) in this terrible time.

Because there’s no rest for the wicked, the store I am working with had to still run when I was gone of course. I thought of who I would trust to run it and only one person who was both available and trustworthy came to mind, the hubbs. Right now, I’m working 10 hours a day to raise the sales in this store. He took it over for three days without blinking an eye. That is so incredibly sexy. He knew I needed him and, even though his days off were the days he worked, he jumped in and did what needed to be done. This is one of the hubbs best qualities without doubt. I think he even enjoyed it a little bit.

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It became a running joke that we were betting on how many miles or minutes would pass before he would call with another question. He just wanted to be sure he did everything to my satisfaction and pleased the customers. He wanted to make sure they got the same level of service they would get when they came into the store and worked with me. During this difficult time, knowing that he was there, making sure things ran the way I would want them to, it’s a great feeling. It’s freeing to know you have that someone who will be there for you when you need them. Someone who will be on your side when you need them. Someone who will agree how UNREASONABLE your mom is being, or daughter, or boss and still love you for the unreasonable mess you are being. Someone who would do anything for you, but they also know you would do anything for them.

To me, that’s love. What is love to you?

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