One of my favorite and, at the time, most popular posts! As Thanksgiving approaches, I am thankful for the hubbs and all he does! Where is the intersection of perfection for you?

The Self-Actualized Life

I was reading something the other day where the author waxed philosophical about the perfect relationship. Basically, he felt the perfect relationship was where each person had their own little hobbies, they enjoy coming together to relax and watch TV, they both worked and enjoyed a bit of a separate life, and took care of the family together. I gotta admit, that sounds pretty great to me. Lucky for me, its pretty much the relationship I have with the hubbs.

I’ve often said that a perfect relationship is where you’re on the same proverbial page at the same time. I was in relationships where I wanted more, but the other person wasn’t ready. I’ve been in relationships where my partner wanted more, but I wasn’t ready for that. The hubbs and I were always on the same page. We always wanted the same things at the same time. It was…

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