Number 13 on our handy-dandy All About Me list is to list five weaknesses we might have. For those of you that don’t know what on earth I’m talking about, figure it out here.

My biggest weakness is my anger. I admit it it, I see the red-eyed monster much more often than I care to admit. One of my favorite memes says it like it is

As my dad is fond of saying, my brain works faster than my mouth. In my rush to get out the information, I end up saying the wrong thing at the wrong time sometimes, sure. Who doesn’t open mouth insert foot. But anger, it’s a mask, to cover up other emotions. Being hurt for instance because someone wasn’t there for you when you needed them. Yeah that will make someone angry. What about when they went out and did something without even thinking of you. Sure it’s gonna make you angry. But when you can stop and identify what is making you angry, you can conquer that problem and the anger will be gone.

My second biggest weakness is trusting. The hubbs would say I trust too much, too much of our “stuff” has evaporate because I’ve “lent” them to people and they disappear or it disappears, whatever. Personally, I’d rather get screwed a few times than live believing that everyone is gonna screw me.

My third biggest weakness would have to be smoking. I know that’s more a weakness of character but, hear me out. I am not physically addicted to cigarettes at all. I can go days without a cigarette, I’ve never had a “nic-fit,” and I only smoke when I’m bored or thinking or I need a minute away. I in no way NEED cigarettes, but I can’t bloody stop buying them!! I don’t know why. It’s all bloody mental and that makes it even more irritating.

My fourth biggest weakness is I am extremely bad with money! Like, I grew up with Jewish Hippies, but my dad was a doctor, my step-dad is a doctor, my mother is thisclose to being a doctor, but I never learned how to manage any of the money I made. The hubbs is a little better but not much. Together the two of us work it pretty well, most of the time!

Lastly, I would say another big weakness I have is sweets! I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth. I try to eat relatively healthy, lots of granola, fruit, yogurt, veggies, very little red meat, mostly fish. But it’s all just a red herring!! So I can have my junk and not feel COMPLETELY terrible about it!!

What’s your biggest weakness?

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