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Today on our handy-dandy All About Me writing prompt list, found here, is to write about 5 strengths we have. I feel there are quite a few things I’m good at, but I’m not sure if they would be considered “strengths.” In any case, here goes nothin’……

My biggest strength would have to be listening skills. Since I’m a psychologist, we are taught to listen. Even more important than listening is coming back with well thought out advice and answer or just listening. As a result, people tend to talk to me A LOT. My friends know that I study psychology. When people find out what I’m studying, they talk to me and not just about little things. I had a practical stranger as me a question at my son’s birthday party about sex. I’ve had people ask me questions and say, “That’s just what my therapist said!” Yeah, we read the same books dude. Seriously though, being a good listener is more important than being a conversationalist and being available to listen when someone needs it is an important skill to have.

Another one of my strengths would be leading. I’ve written about my entrepreneurship side and how I’m using psychology and marketing together. Part of this, a BIG part of this, is knowing what and when to delegate. You can’t do everything yourself and why would you want to? This is why employees were created. Some people do great on their own, some need gentle prodding and encouragement, and some need a cattle prod. Your job as the boss is to decide who needs what and if you want to waste time with someone who you have to cattle prod. This is just as important as giving too little direction.

When the hubbs and I first got together, I used to look at him and tell him to tell me something sweet and he would pick something (anything) that happened that day I did that was nice, etc. After our son was born, a common comment was, It’s sweet that you did this with Gavin or that you’re a good mom.” It’s a great compliment. I’m so very proud of my three babies (not so much babies anymore) and I’d like to think I had a big part in that, so I’m going to list being a good mother as a strength.

For number 4, I’m going to list patience. Considering I just said yesterday one of my biggest weaknesses was anger, how can I say patience is a strength. Okay, hear me out. I’ve always tried to be as laid back as possible. Hey, I was raised by hippies! Having a little one with ADHD, well it has certainly tested my patience skills. I find now, instead of with irritation, I try to react with humour and it does wonders for my patience as well. Try breathing! In through the nose, out through the mouth, count to 10, trust me!

This is like the most dreaded interview question in the world is it not? I’m going to go with honesty for number 5. Sometimes its a strength and sometimes its a weakness. I find that brutal honesty serves me best in most situations! It probably is best all around!

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