For day 19 of the June 1-30 challenge, found here, we are not to use the 19th letter of the alphabet. For those of you crooning the alphabet ditty to figure that out, I’ll be here waiting. It will be an experience definitely.

I continue to reel from the mutation at my company in the prior week. My partner will not be partnering with me any longer. Lydia felt that continuing in our company would be too difficult for her and has backed out. I don’t harbor ill-will, but moving on will not be a uncomplicated feat. My dad often uses the following thought: Wait, and all will be revealed. Another way to relay this information might be to think: Continue on in the manner you are already moving and the world will take you where you need to go. Maybe that is an overly facile way to look at the world and the effect it may have on me, but I’m in no rush.

We’ll get there eventually.

A zen garden for now…. 

And hammock for later!