I’ve been afraid of changin’, Cause I’ve built my life around you, But time made you bolder
Even children get older, And I’m getting older too, Oh, I’m getting older too~Landslide

Pretty thankful that days 17 and 18 have been pretty easy! I might actually catch up before the end of the month (a girl can dream). Here are some modeling pictures my daughter had taken for her senior photos. I’m putting a few because I can’t pick just one! She was 18 here (or pretty close to it). Sometimes, she still takes my breathe away. I can’t believe something so smart, and independent, and gorgeous, and wonderful came from me!

This is one of her favorites. I’m sure you can see why! 

These photos were almost 2 years ago. She’s 20 now, but just as great as ever. Maybe even better, because she’s not a teenager now! 

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