A bit more of recycling…. It is the holidays and family is in town. So, please forgive me. I have been thinking of doing a study about sexual fantasies and I was surprised to learn that oral sex is a top fantasy! People that know me, know I am prone to ask personal and sexual questions at times. I love that they humour me! I’ve been sharing this with some folks and most are shocked! They say they do it all the time. I was shocked as well. Now, without further ado…. just in case you aren’t one of these folks, you never know, you may love it!

Oral sex is an art and one that you and your partner can perfect amongst yourselves. This is nothing you can learn from your own body (except to direct your partner). You must have a partner to get good at this important item from your sex closet. Each man, or woman, will be a little different. When talking about oral sex, it is still important to talk of STD transmission. These days they recommend dental dams (to block the flow of female bodily fluids) and a condom on your partner’s penis when performing oral sex.

First, when a man wants to learn how to please you (what you want or like, which can sometimes vary from day to day, and that’s OK) there is no better way than to just tell him. There is no need to bark orders (which could make him less likely to go back) but subtle nudges are great! Most guys truly do want to please a woman (as opposed to a sense of obligation). When heading downtown, he will appreciate the assist!!

Ladies, the only way to give the best oral sex is to put in the effort. Thanks to today’s magazines, there are countless articles that you can read. However, in this case, there really is no substitute for experience. It’s weird to some ladies, even gross, but when you see how much pleasure you can bring to your partner (and lets face it, that should be your goal) you can change your opinions rather quickly!

All men are different. Some may like a firm grip, while others do not. Most men enjoy watching and can think of nothing better than enjoying what you are doing. Some men are quite a bit more sensitive than others. You can only learn this by trial and error. Usually, by the time a guy gets you in bed, he knows what makes him happy. In the same way you would guide him, ask for guidance as well. Does this or that feel good? Does he like this? No, okay how about this?

When we first started dating (back in the olden days, ha!), the hubbs told me he “didn’t like” oral sex, although he quite enjoyed giving it! Lucky me, but I took his declaration as a challenge and now he LOVES them! Turned out, no woman had really taken the time to learn how to hold and care for his special penis, so I did. This curve is commonly found amongst baseball players (he was one) from getting hit with almost 100 mph baseballs. This is a penis that has to be treated with TLC because bending the wrong way or something like that can be quite painful.

Happy holidays!