I love my hubbs. I love my son. I love my children. I’ve often had to repeat these lines to myself as I’m sure have most of you. No matter how much we LOVE our loved ones, they’re still going to make us CRAZY sometimes. More often than not, exactly at the time you wish they wouldn’t.

Last night I watched a clip of Michael McIntyre, who is HILARIOUS, talk about how people without kids just don’t know. Makes me think of that song……….. nobodyyyy knows the troubles I have. Whatever troubles we’re having, they’re always multiplied because they are OUR troubles. I’m feeling a little CAPPY right now, mainly because I am sitting here, wanting the hubbs to get out of bed so we can leave the house to go somewhere with family.

Now, we’ve been together almost fifteen years, and sleep is still an issue. Neither the hubbs nor I are morning people, but at least I can get up when I need to do so. I don’t oversleep, except on rare, rare occasions. Should it happen that I need to be somewhere with the hubbs, it is absolutely essential I lie to him. I lie about what time he needs to get up, I lie about what time he needs to be walking out of the door, the time we need to be there. Which, of course, means, I rat myself out A LOT. I’m a terrible liar. I used to be a great liar (I think a lot of kids think this), but then I realized my idea of myself was overly inflated, as a kids tends to be, so I stopped. I mean everyone bends the truth a little bit.

No you don’t look like you gained a pound.

I love watching baseball games honey, really.

We have to be there at 11, leave at 10, even though its only 30 minutes away. Well I heard there was a wreck. Just trust me on this.