My baby, my 21 year old baby, went to the Air Force this year. He completed his basic training in the summer, but I wasn’t able to go. Then, he went to training school in Biloxi, MS. He told me that he and his girlfriend, who I had not met, would try to come home in between going to his next base, South Dakota. Then, disaster struck. He sent me a message a few days ago, saying he had failed his test and wouldn’t be able to re-test until mid-January. OH NO!! My 19 year old daughter was so distraught, she began to cry at work (I ❤ their awesome relationship). I was bummed, but I prefer to solve problems than wallow, so I began planning my trip to him!

Then, my mother told me a few days ago she was coming in town, alone, without her husband, which is unlike her, but cool, I was excited. This morning as we were in her hotel room, she said something about my son passing his test. I said no I don’t think so, he has to re-take it in January, to which my mother begins furiously texting. I didn’t think much of it, but we were waiting on my daughter so that we could go to the mall. She tells me she will be ready shortly, and two hours later, I get a don’t rush me text (in true pain-in-the-ass-beauty fashion). So, my mom and I are laughing over this and my daughter calls my mother to open up the door (instead of knocking) and we all start to get up and walk to the door….

AND IN RUNS MY SON!! MY BABY!!! Omg, I don’t think I have ever been that excited. It was the best holiday present I could get! He even brought his adorable little girlfriend and they’re gonna get to stay for a whole week! Rock on! I hope everyone else has an amazing holiday season. Whether its Channukah, Yule, Christmas, or whatever else you celebrate, may your surprises be as amazing as mine was!


Blessed Be!

[pic] My beautiful family. The hubbs, myself, my 10 year old, my 19 year old, and my biggest baby, my 21 year old airman.