(Do you want to sleep with me tonight?) The hubbs and I often lay together and watch some tv at night, but I missed the closeness of just snuggling. One of our favorite Friends episodes is one where Ross teaches Chandler the “hug and roll.” Did you miss it? Check it out here for a good laugh:

. Ahh the age old question, when is it okay to not snuggle. Well when you’ve been together a while, you realize that you don’t have to spoon while you are sleeping and eventually neither of you is going to get any rest anyway. In fact, the hubbs talked me into a king size bed after quite a few years of work and I’m so sorry I waited so long. It’s an angelic respite from his snoring having that extra few inches. I already wear earplugs to sleep with the love of my life. So, how do you get your snuggle fix?

After sex, I know a lot of people enjoy snuggling, but the hubbs is ready for a snack (thereby covering the other 50%). That’s fine by me because I am happy to have a little something too. We have found the perfect solution. We snuggle for a little bit, talk about whatever is on our minds, including thoughts for the upcoming week, whatever. After a while, we turn the conversation to something more enjoyable. By the time it is sexy time, everyone is excited and ready. This is a great way for women who have a difficult time getting aroused to get more excited before it is time for sex. The more excited you are, the better your chance of having an orgasm, especially if it is difficult for you. Granted, this is a solution more suited to long term partners, but if you have one of those, why wouldn’t they be happy taking a little more time when you actually do need it! Don’t be afraid to ask for something that can make everyone’s time in the bedroom more enjoyable.

Then afterwards, you can get some salami and eggs. Everyone wins! And shouldn’t that be something sex should be about?


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