The art of the strip-tease. There is a good reason that many men go to a strip club. Men are every visual people. Some men are lonely and want company, but some men want a “safe” way to see a different woman. Mainly, they just wanna see a gal do something crazy sexy just for them. I have been asked to teach classes on strip-tease and lots of friends. One friend I was teaching was one of the unsexiest people I ever met! She wanted so badly to dance for her SO but she was so very nervous it came across as simply uncomfortable. Here are a few tips..

Wear really high heels. Why do dancers wear 6-9 inch heels? They make your legs fantastic and give an instant butt lift! If you don’t think you can walk around in high heels, don’t fear! Remember, since you are doingΒ a strip-tease in your own bedroom, you aren’t going to be doing a lot of walking around.

Remember that your SO is with you because s/he loves you and s/he is into your body. You don’t need to be self-conscious. All your SO is going to be thinking is how excited they are that you are doing this!

Don’t “try” to be sexy because that NEVER looks sexy. Feel the music, allow it to flow through you, and your body will follow.

Always use music. Music allows us to be free and feel without thinking so why can it not do the same for your dancing. Find some songs that make you feel free and happy and sensual so that it can help you relax.

Look into your SO’s eyes. Make sure they feel like you are dancing for them and not an audience. Give them your undivided attention and they will absolutely give you theirs!

Sometimes a strip tease is just as much about what you DON’T take off, not just what you DO take off. Joe Cocker knows whats up. You can leave your hat on (or your heels, or your panties, lingerie, you get the idea).

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