Who doesn’t love 2 Live Crew? I imagine some of you have never heard of them but, you gotta admit, they have a way with words. Doggie-style. I think it gets a bad rap (pun intended!) most of the time. It’s a shame too, because it can be great fun. It is a great position for your man to get a great view, pull some hair (always a nice add), and touch you too. He can vary speed and angle, which can lead to a lot more orgasms. For women who have a difficult time here, you might want to open your world up a little.

Being that I am a trained listener, people talk to me, about a variety of things. My favorite? The insights into other peoples sex lives. A friend told me that his girlfriend (now wife) would only have sex in the missionary position. He was most definitely on the kinky side of vanilla and so he was pretty bummed. I asked him if he had talked to her when they were not having sex. This is really the best time to approach your partner with a new request for the bedroom, not in the moment. That is the best way to upset your partner, something you definitely do not want to do if you want to introduce a change in your sex repertoire.

The best thing about sex within a committed relationship is that it is 100x easier to ask someone you are comfortable with in the bedroom for something different. Ask your partner to try something once. Be sure to let them know that if they do not enjoy this change then you don’t have to try it again. It will lower their guard and perhaps make them more likely to actually give your idea a try.

Best of luck!

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