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The Cannabis Joint

Iโ€™ve seen quite a few folks recently frustrated at the lack of real knowledge that is out there. Especially if you have the unfortunate luck to live in a state where you still are in the dark ages. I went to an alcohol training class (to serve/sell alcohol) and I spent most of the class in disagreement with everyone else. I could only hear how horrible cannabis was so many times before I had to start citing medical research and facts and figures from legal states and discussing the endocannabinoid system. Itโ€™s a lot more difficult to argue with something like that. Facts are easy to look up.

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A meme but pretty close to the truth. When doing my thesis (find the link hereย if youโ€™re curious), I had an addiction specialist on my board. He insisted I find studies about cannabis causing psychosis. I found in order to causeโ€ฆ

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