Do you have a loved one with a disease? An invisible illness? A terminal one? Rick Simpson Oil is your answer!

The Cannabis Joint

A crooked spine, My senses dulled, Passed the point of delirium~ Brain Stew

So I had this conversation the other day. It went something like this:

Lady: Cannabis is awesome!! It makes me feel so much better!!

Me: Yeah its amazing! Do you know about Phoenix Tears/Rick Simpson Oil? It will cure ANY disease! New Research from out west is showing us the reason we have so much disease even with modern medicine is because we are so deficient from cannabinoids being illegal for almost 100 years!

Lady: Yeah right! It may cure some people’s disease but it won’t cure mine!

Me: You don’t have to believe it but its still true! Go watch Run From The Cure 

Related imageThe Man

I haven’t heard back from this lady since she went to watch the video but maybe she finally believes me? So for those of you that have heard of Rick…

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