For my sweet kiddos, who LOVED Blue’s Clue’s! Don’t you miss the days of getting actual mail? And my 22 year old totally had the Handy-Dandy Notebook. He wouldn’t let it go! 

I have a confession to make. I secretly hate email. It’s a bloody nightmare isn’t it? Hope you don’t get sick and not check it for a day or two. I have had a bad migraine the past few days and then the weekend right before so I didn’t check a lot of email. I go into check email and what have I got waiting for me? 1,408 emails, NOT spam. I YiYi! How does one go through so much email? The answer is you don’t!

Steve, he was the best host. Oh c’mon, you know I’m right!

So what do you do when you have so much email? Pare it down! You cannot read them all. A lot of them are from blogs I follow (which is why I really hate when someone doesn’t have that nifty little WP (WordPress) follow button! Boy is that guy handy. But I digress….

What if you don’t want to spend 5 hours checking email? Start by seeing what emails you absolutely must answer. These are your personal emails, clients, things that need a reply. This is one reason I really like gmail. You can separate your social, primary, and promotions tabs. It really does separate pretty well, unlike yahoo’s terrible filters for just spam and no spam. Does anyone even use yahoo anymore?

So, step 1 is immediate reply emails. Then you’re going to see what emails you really want to read. Interesting articles, family emails, etc. This is what you are going to read 2nd. After these emails are less pressing matters that still need to be attended to, there always seem to be a few. This will be what you do 3rd. Lastly, you will have the leftovers. These are the ones you weed through. If there are articles in this group that you might read another day, keep it. If there are articles here that you definitely won’t read, dump them immediately. Seeing those numbers go down will help immensely!

You can decide from there if you want to spend a little more time in email or if you plan to come back another day. At least you won’t have almost 1,500 emails to read! You can’t read every single email so don’t even try or you’re gonna make yourself meshuggah (Yiddush for crazy).

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