I hope everyone will forgive me, but I just couldn’t talk All About Me anymore! lol I thought that today I would speak to all the would-be entrepreneurs. One of my girlfriends used to work for a company called InventHelp. They took would-be inventions and inventors, investigate and make sure nothing else was on the market like it, as well as, help them see it to production. It was quite lucrative. Everyone wants to have that magic idea, come up with the magic advertisement, do the best for the clients, but the truth is, there is only one tried and true method to ensuring your business succeeds

You ready?

Find what you do well and do it. Yes, I swear, it’s that easy. When my brother was in his early 20s, he didn’t know what he wanted to do, so I suggested that he go to the library (they do still make those, you know!) and walk the aisles of the non-fiction. You know how they have those little tabbies that stick out with the different subjects? See if anything strikes your fancy if you don’t know what you’re good at or, if you know what you’re good at, capitalize on it immediately! I love psychology and I won’t stop until I receive my doctorate even if it’s 20 years from now. In the meantime, I gotta pay the bills. Before I went back to school for psychology, I worked for a small distributorship for 5 years. I helped them grow from a $5,000 buy-in to selling for $500,000, just five years later. I starting managing a small store recently, and combining my knowledge from that small distributorship and a little learning, reading, and teaching myself about social media. I realized it wasn’t all that different. I had a strategy and one that worked.

The greatest thing about the internet is you can connect with people from all over the world. Yes, I may not be converting every follower to a client now, but I’m playing a long game. Who is to say that someone’s friend might not move here and so they ask their buddy from halfway across the globe, Hey do you know someone in Memphis that can help me with this? As a matter of fact I do! That’s what I am. I’m a facilitator. I connect people with who they need to connect with. I’m good at it and who doesn’t want to do a job they’re good at? That’s #2, Once you know what you are good at, find a way to make money at it!

The only limiting factor is you! And, away you go!