I’m going to try to add the video from whatever song title I’m using. It doesn’t always work because I’m basically a the computer village idiot, maybe one step above. You see when I was growing up, there was not really such a thing as a personal computer. There was no Skype, or video-conferencing. There was no Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Yelp, or any of the other dozens of tools at our virtual disposal now. I had typing class. That’s right, on a typewriter. It’s a brave new world.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I was without a computer for most of last week. The guy at the smoke shop screwed me (not terribly surprised), but, luckily for me, a lovely lady agreed to help me pick up some slack. Let me explain. Lydia atΒ Being Lydia, whom I met through blogging, then joined my invisible illness support group on Facebook (Suffering in Silence, has agreed to partner with me on this new venture! Allow me to introduce *drum roll* Globally Creative Media Group!!

I might as well give up the ghost. I’m a marketing maven. It may not seem like it, since I barely put about half of my talent to use on this platform. I have an MS in Psychology and am working on my PsyD. I write. I pay the bills in the meantime. It’s a lot and right now, paying bills takes priority. So, Lydia and I will be beginning a business. I will use my social media and marketing skills, while Lydia will build websites and logos. We’re in the planning stages right now, but things seem to really be coming together. People have shown interest that I have spoken to already. It’s a little scary, but I feel I have a great partner working with me. She knows my limitations, and I hers, which makes partnering kinda a dream.

As I talked with my 11 year old on Mother’s Day about the Aurora Borealis, we decided to look up where in the world can you see the Northern Lights? We wouldn’t you know! One of the places to see the Aurora Borealis is where Lydia lives. Perfect timing + fate have you met yet? I don’t know what is going to happen, but I know we’re both really excited and I think we can do something awesome with this.

So, cmon, take a ride wit me, Lydia!

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