Ah, food and sex. An amazing combination, right?

My daughter for one would definitely agree about the food part. She loves her food. Our theory is since the hubbs (her step-dad) was around when she was developing eating habits, she hollowed out a leg to keep up with him! 

There are foods that boost libido. Many of these are called Aphrodisiacs, which I already talked about under A, here. There are plenty of foods that can be used during and with sex, also. If you have a sex shop in your city, and you probably do!, go there. They’ll have whipped cream and other flavored lubes. Body paint is fun and comes in edible version. I’ve spoken before of my love for a lovely lady named Pat Gallina, she runs Passion Parties or For Girls Only Parties in Memphis, TN and you can find her site here. She ships straight to your home and has tons of fun goodies!!

Thanks to Cosmo (here) you can see some of the most common sex/food items ranked in order!! At the tops, strawberries, chocolate (especially syrup), whipped cream, and champagne (body shots anyone!). Some things to remember when using food during sex is to keep it away from those indoor private parts. Whipped cream in the wrong spot could lead to a UTI (urinary tract infection) and worse. That’s gonna be a big downer! Remember to KISS (keep it simple,stupid!). Engage all your senses. Take one away (example: eyemask) and gently place sexy tasting items on your SO’s (significant other) tongue. Make clean-up a joint affair! Get a washcloth and put some warm water on it and gently clean each other. That in and of itself can be quite sexy!


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