Since Sunday is our Day of A-Z Challenge Rest, I thought I would re-share one of my most popular and favorite posts. This post was inspired by the hubbs uncanny ability to know what I want and/or need before I even really know.I saw this meme earlier:

It reminded me of this story. The hubbs would never balk at buying tampons if I needed them. He is mature and knows that this is part of a woman’s life. In fact, after three children, sometimes sneezing can be a task (ladies, explain this to your men lol). Neither of us would dream of making the other feel silly or ridiculous for having to ask something “embarrassing” to pick up. In any case and

Without further ado….

Forrest Gump may be right that life is like a box of chocolates, but love is a box of tampons. Tonight, the hubbs came back from the store with, among other things, a box of tampons. Now we’ve been together almost fifteen years and, while the hubbs has no problem buying tampons if they are requested, he rarely will purchase them days before. I said, “How did you know?” He gave me a look that said- this isn’t my first rodeo.

Seriously though, this told me in one move he was in tune to me. He had picked up on cues and knew what I needed. I was strangely touched. Even more, anytime I start to think he doesn’t notice these little things, he does something crazy sweet. The hubbs has an amazing quality for a man to have- he is able to buy me gifts I didn’t even know I wanted before I got them. I have talked about this superpower before and it is a truly wonderful quality for your SO to have. If your man (or woman) can do this, s/he is listening and watching and seeing all those things you do and say. Being heard is so important to our relationships. Why would someone want to stay in a situation where they feel alone, even when someone is around?

After all, tampons aren’t exactly diamonds, but sometimes, it really is the thought that counts.

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