One of the cutest things the hubbs does is how proud he gets of himself when he makes my nipples hard. You would think after almost 15 years some of the sheen would have worn off. The fact that it hasn’t always makes me smile. But, more than nipples, is the foreplay it brings to your sex life. This article in Psychology Today, discusses a compilation of studies regarding sex. From a comprehensive list of 33 psychological studies, they found only 1 in 4 women have an orgasm from the actual sex act. Let me say that again: Only 25% of women have an orgasm consistently via sexual intercourse. These studies span the last 80 years. About 50% of the women sometimes have orgasms, 20% seldom or never orgasm, and around 5% never experience an orgasm at all period. 

One of the wisest things I’ve ever heard someone say about the differences between men and women was this:  Men are like microwaves, you turn it on and they’re ready to go. Women are like slow cookers, you turn them on in the morning and they’ll be ready at night when you get home. This applies to a relationship and to sex as well. Men: If your SO (significant other) has a difficult time reaching an orgasm, you need to spend some more time on foreplay. This extra time will give her time to get her motor running.

And remember quality is better than quantity, in all things sexual. Remember the Erogenous Zones, be sure to spread that body love all around. She’ll thank you for it! Ladies: If your man needs to take more time with you, you need to tell him that. For all you know, he may not even realize he is or isn’t doing something you like. If you are in bed with someone, you should be able to communicate your desires to them. As far as men’s nipples go, some like it and some don’t (the hubbs is a don’t). Just ask!

Then show those naked nips some love!