So, since I’m working on my terminal degree, I do not work in my field currently. I need residency hours to get licensed as a therapist so I’ve chosen to focus on school and writing. Right now, I’m working at Marshall’s HomeGoods, and I really enjoy it. However, it is only part-time and I spend a lot of time on my feet (not great for chronic pain issues), so I’ve applied to be a store manager at a vape/head shoppe. He has told me that I am a front-runner, but he really wants someone who knows about cigars. So, the past week I’ve given myself a crash course in cigars. Tonight, I’m going to lay some knowledge on him, so wish me luck!

What I learned when I asked pretty much everyone I know what they know about cigars:

-Cubans are the best (this gem from most of my family, thanks guys.)

-They’re better filled with weed! (Isn’t everything?)

-They stink! (Okay, maybe so but I don’t have to sit in a cigar bar, just gonna sell em)

What I learned in my crash course:

-Damn is there a lot to learn!

-Cleaning humidors and how to calibrate a hygrometer (OH YEAH!!).

-There’s like a billion cigars and they all taste different (and there’s like 20 different sizes too!)

What I know: Give me something to sell and you’re gonna buy it dude. My customers used to tell me I could sell ice to an Eskimo. I would walk into the door and half of them would say, okay what am I buying today. So, I’m gonna go sell the fuck out of myself.


Here I go!!