Religion is a touchy subject. If you happen to have an “out of the box” religion, it’s even touchier. During the holidays, I often have to explain my religion. Being in the South, not being in the Christian religion is often baffling for my friends and co-workers. First of all, I was raised Jewish. When I explain my Judaism to people, this is what I tell them. You may say to someone you are Italian, or British, or Polish. This is how I am Jewish. There are many beautiful traditions, some of which I follow. I teach my children about the many holidays and what they mean. However, I am also a big believer that children should be exposed to religion in its many shapes and forms and decide what makes the most sense to them. This is how my mother ended up with a Pagan and a Rastafarian.

Personally, I ascribe to the Pagan religion. We believe in using the elements to achieve our purpose, along with the many gods and goddesses from various religions. As I explained a ritual to one of my co-workers, she exclaimed many times, we do that too (Catholics)!! It’s true, my religion really isn’t much different than yours. When I want to send something up to my gods and goddesses, I will begin by adding all elements. I might take a candle (fire), and coat it in oils (water/air), then roll it in herbs (earth). I then decide which god or goddess I wish to call upon. For instance, if I desire more calm in my life, I will take a blue candle, roll it in lemon (for clarity), then rosemary (for strength and relaxation). I would likely call upon Psyche (the goddess of the mind, where calmness lives) and send a prayer (or spell) up to her regarding my desire. It really isn’t that much different than the ritual you might find in Catholicism or Judaism.

After my explanation my co-worker said, I could listen to this all day! I don’t always get that reaction, but I love when I do. However, I’m sure I speak for hundreds of people when I say…. If your religion makes you happy and fulfilled, love it, enjoy it, share it with your family. That being said, I don’t need you telling me I’m going to hell (which I don’t believe in anyway) and I don’t need you to save me. My Lord and Lady are already there and ready for me. Besides, I’d rather see the penis….



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