As the hubbs and I watched one of our favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory, the other day, I realized how alike people are in our emotions. There are so many, many differences between one person and another, but one thing stays the same. We may have guards up, or be too open, but we all love the same. We all hurt, we all get sad. About the only thing one can predict about human behavior is the emotions behind our actions.

In this particular episode, Amy breaks up with Sheldon. Sheldon is the least likely character to have a girlfriend, much less to go through the gambit of emotions that come with a break- up, but you see them all the same. In our society, we often see love relationships as disposable.

I was at a store and ran into my ex-husband’s best friend. We walked around and caught up. I had walked over so he offered me a ride back. As we were coming up to our place, he said, “He’s not gonna kick my butt is he?” I laughed and said no, he trusts me. He looked at me like I had three heads, and then said, what a novel idea. I mention this because he has been in so many disposable relationships that the idea of being fully trusted by your partner is foreign to him.

Breaking up is horrible and there is little in this world that can make you feel more loss than that of a love relationship. Although, I cannot help but wonder, if we used more glue maybe there would be less breakage?