I love this techno song by the awesome DJ Irene, called I do both Jay and Jane. In it she says

Jane is sweet like honey, the taste I’m teasing
She knows how to hit the spot, her touch is pleasing
Jay is strong like brandy, the strength I’m feeling
He knows how to make me hot, his heat is healing babe
He is a special man long, rough, and rugged
She is a diamond she shines like a nugget
I’ve got to have them both you just don’t understand
Sometimes I call on Jane, sometimes I need a man.

Anyone who is bisexual knows how true this is! I recently read today that Kristen Stewart has moved in with her assistant and they are dating. She came out as a bisexual woman and I think that is just fantastic! I think a lot of times people forget the B in LGBT. I worked with a woman, who was dating another woman, who told someone that she felt she would eventually settle down with a man. They could not grasp why would she date a woman if she wasn’t going to be with a woman forever? But anyone who is bisexual understands that you will likely have a preference and there is nothing wrong with that. I knew that I would likely eventually marry a man. I find women very attractive, although I am extremely picky with women and I always was, but I knew eventually, I would want something a woman just wouldn’t give me. That thing is not just a penis (although that part of the hubbs is quite nice I will admit), but a different perspective in life, it just feels right. I don’t think it has anything to do with the sex he is, but rather, the person he is and that is all we really want…….. a good person to be with at the end of the day.