I was having trouble with my calendar on my phone, which pretty much stores my LIFE and without it, I am pretty lost. So the hubbs was looking at it tonight to fix it for me (since I am basically computer illiterate, all computer/electronic issues usually go through him first).

Of course, he fixed it almost right away, but then put into today’s date for this evening an appointment for me. It said a bj for the hubbs, just because. He used to do stuff like that all the time when I had an actual appointment book. It’s always cute because it gives me a smile to see that he has done it. Not only that, it makes me think of the hubbs sexually (which isn’t all that hard because he’s a sexy beast), but it also reminds me to act on those feelings.

Sometimes, oftentimes, life gets in the way and we have to stop and remind ourselves that sometimes, we have to put things in the way of our lives so the important things in our life are taken care of properly. Let’s face it, a good sex life in a marriage isn’t just a good idea, its necessary, its important, and it should never be forgotten. If any of these things happen, than that great
life is going to die a slow agonizing death. Personally, I cannot think of anything more depressing.

Happy Humping (even if you pencil it in!)