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Green Dragon is a tincture made of cannabis and grain alcohol. Most important when making this method is to make sure your alcohol is 180 proof or higher. Bacardi 151 is not a sufficient substitute. Cannabis binds to fat (as in butter, I Get Lifted (with magic butter)…) or alcohol. Using the highest proof available will ensure an excellent result on your product. A second way to make tincture, called Gold Dragon, is made from cannabis and vegetable glycerin. You make the two in exactly the same manner. However, Green Dragon will be strong and somewhat bitter, like alcohol, whilst Gold Dragon will be sweet like vegetable glycerin. The two methods for making this mixture, cold and hot methods, follow:

Image result for cannabis tinctureCold Method

As with all things, deoxycarbolate your bud before beginning your recipe. If you are unsure how to do that, check with the magic butter recipe in I Get…

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