I have missed writing and I hope you guys have missed me too!! But, I’m back! So please do check out my new site and I look forward to seeing you all there! Blessed be! #CannabisCures

The Cannabis Joint

I hope you all will bear with me as I am setting up this site and then going out of town for a week! Full disclosure: I was going to wait until I got back, but circumstances left me with a desire to write! You see a friend of mine is in a situation and it is oh so familiar. It’s familiar because I was her 6 years ago.

I’ve had migraine headaches for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I remember being nauseous ALL the time. Unless you have migraines, you don’t realize that a migraine is not JUST a headache. A migraine is a full body experience. Your digestive system is affected. Your head hurts. Sometimes, there is excruciating ear, eye, or jaw pain. You’re starving and nauseous at the same time, but that is only if you aren’t actively throwing up. You…

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