In one of my favorite psychological studies, they took children kindergarten age and put them in a playground with a fence. The children played to the outer edges of the fence. They repeated the study sans fence. The children all clustered in the middle because the children didn’t know their boundary. Moral? Kids NEED boundaries, they crave them. Its our job to give them boundaries and our job to enforce when they test those boundaries! 😊💖✌

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toddler with toy-01Random rules are bad.

How would you like it if you were strolling innocently down the street and were attested because the police decided to make the wearing of blue against the law on Tuesdays?

Kids are new. They don’t yet know what may seem obvious to us. They are not born knowing that when the ground turns from green to black suddenly big cars can come at them at high speeds. They don’t know that they are not supposed to just grab a toy they like or bite somebody that makes them mad, until you tell them so.

Chaos and disaster happen without rules. But they need to be good rules! Grown-ups need to consciously think about the rules that they make, agree on them, explain them to the kids, and enforce them.

Last week’s blog was about how a child’s age and development affect discipline. This week is devoted to figuring out what those rules…

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