A little recycling as I am in Rapid City, SD for my son and his wife. Happy Thanksgiving Week!!

The Self-Actualized Life

It’s easy when you have arguments and life being thrown at you sometimes to remember why you fell in love. Hell, sometimes it’s easy to forget THAT you are in love. This morning I got up to find out my home-schooled son, that the hubbs was supposed to get up and help with Social Studies, was putzing around on the computer while the hubbs was sleeping. I was irritated (understatement much? lol), but once I took a moment to remember all the awesome things the hubbs does I realize that it is a small thing in the scheme of things. So, what’s my next move? Continue to be perturbed? Or to suck it up, apologize, and move on.

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Not conducive to healthy relationships. 

Image result for couple back to back holding handsWouldn’t you rather be walking together? 

If you want a forever relationship you have to move on. Getting historical isn’t going to help. Not wanting to apologize…

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