Today I write about something deeply personal, yet not totally mine to give. Therefore, I will just say we had a great tragedy in our family this week. My grandson, only 2 1/2 months old, was taken away from us. As I’ve had to tell one family member after another, there is nothing to say except it was a terrible thing. It will be incredibly painful for a while, but one day you will get up and realize it wasn’t as bad as the last. Just when you think there is nothing else that will turn your upside down again, you see the most obscure thing, and there you are. In my case, I have two such instances.

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When I found a birthday card my mother had given my father, a year, maybe a few more, after he passed away. I saw it, and some letters she had written to him after he passed, and I was broken all over again. Right now, my daughter posted a heartbreaking picture on Facebook. She’s holding our little Elliot, named after my father who I spoke aboutΒ here, and crying. It is devastating and burnt into my brain. It’s all I can think about. I feel guilty even speaking this much about it here and I know everyone is feeling the crushing weight. The fact that only part of my family is there (because the kids are in the Air Force) is almost worse. I know everyone in the world is texting them, because everyone else is texting me. Not to mention the pure despair I know both of the kids are feeling right now. I say kids because this is my oldest son and his wife. I haven’t been able to leave yet, but I hope to be leaving on Sunday and returning Wednesday. It’s not long, but unfortunately all I will be able to get away.

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I know you will all understand, but you will hear very little from me for the next week or so. Blessed be. Love your families. Your kids get to a certain point and you forget you still have to worry because they’re still your babies. They have set up a gofundme page for the funeral expenses. If anyone feels so moved, I know it would be greatly appreciated.


Happy Veterans Day to all the amazing people that served this country. No bio today. The focus belongs on other things.