Sports players tend to be a superstitious lot. I find it kind of adorable most of the time. The hubbs has a tradition, if his team makes the playoffs, he doesn’t shave until the series is over, then grows it out for the next round. I, on the other hand, hate facial hair. I tolerate this quirk because its only a short period of time at a time. Last night, since the CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES, he shaved off his current playoff beard.I noticed it and I leaned over and rubbed his face and said oh it looks soooo much better! His reply? You’re the only one that thinks so! So my reply, naturally, was well I’m the only one that matters! lol

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For my part, I normally wear my hair quite long, although it’s often braided or pulled into a ponytail. Every couple of years, I get 11+ inches cut off for locks of love, but I rarely go shorter than shoulder length. During Memphis’ oppressive summers, you will never find my hair down. So why do I keep it long? Because the hubbs likes it that way! Let me stress, he is not FORCING me to keep it long. I know he likes it long, therefore I keep my hair long. It’s a concession I make because it costs me nothing (in the way of self-esteem, or any other mental way), but it makes him happy. Likewise, with him shaving his facial hair. My ex-husband has a full bushy beard and seeing that facial hair reminds me of him. Once I appealed to him that I would rather not be remembering my ex while he was kissing me, the facial hair magically disappeared.

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lol Definition of compromise? Everyone is a little happy and a little unhappy. 

That being said, if your significant other (SO) is forcing you to dress or act a certain way, that’s not okay. However, if you want to keep a certain feature a specific way, because YOU want to do so, your partner should appreciate it. That also doesn’t mean that your life should revolve around doing things you don’t want to or don’t have time for every day. Shaving is a big one. Women have been taught to shave and/or wax every inch of hair from our bodies. To be fair, I’m not big on not shaving myself, but some days I’m just too lazy or too much of a hurry in the shower. The hubbs made a comment once or twice and you better believe it was the last one too.

Try to strike a balance. The best relationships are equal partnerships, not dictatorships. What do you do for your partner?

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