I don’t think there is possibly anything else I could write about today, except the amazing and long-awaited victory of the Chicago Cubs. What do the Chicago Cubs have to do with marriage and relationships? Bear with me… I’ve written before about the hubbs deep and abiding love for his precious Cubbies. I even have the tattoo to prove it! I refuse to get anyone’s name tattooed on me because I think it’s the kiss of death for relationships, but I did get a Cubs tattoo for my love.But I digress..

You see, the hubbs views baseball as a contact sport. When he was in High School, he was being courted by almost two dozen schools for scholarships. He still takes my breath away on the field (along with anyone else who has watched him) so I can’t imagine how much better he was, but during hockey season that year, a cheap shot from the opposing team caused him to blow out his MCL. It was a career ending injury, before his career started. The last time he played baseball for a work team he didn’t feel the center fielder was going for the ball aggressively enough, so he dove for the ball, and broke every bone around his left orbit (eye) and now has a mesh plate holding his cheek up.

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#FlytheW Wrigley, cuz the Cubbies are coming home victorious!

What does loving the Cubs have to do with relationships? Here’s the big secret: I could give a shit less whether the Cubs win or lose, personally, BUT it’s important to the most important adult in my life. Therefore, it is important to me. Don’t get me wrong, by the end of the summer, I am completely baseballed out. I actually quite enjoy hockey, so we can go right into hockey season and something I enjoy. Does that mean when the hubbs tells me for the 10th time about the new hot pitcher they picked up I’m always thrilled? Hell no! In fact, a good portion of that time, all I can do is smile because 1) this means nothing to me and 2) he’s already said it 10 times because he’s excited. I have a few ways I can go with this. You can choose to be irritated that he’s talking about something that doesn’t interest you, again. Then, stop and think how many times YOU shared information that your SO (significant other) probably didn’t give a hill of beans about? Probably quite a few. Or you can choose to be part of their joy, even if it’s for no other reason than you want them to be part of your joy.

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And they’re ALREADY talking about them in 2014!! 

Forever relationships aren’t about always having the same interests and always wanting to do the same things. It’s about being there for the other persons joy and downfall. It’s about being their partner. I’ll take a partnership over any other kind of relationship every day of the week. I want someone who is in this with me, someone who is ready to be there for me, just like I am going to be there for them. To be there, even though I was watching Dancing With The Stars, and to witness that moment of victory and pure joy that I saw in him when they won, it was a gift. I know it is something he’s wanted for longer than we’ve even known each other and I got to be there. I got to share that with him. That, my friends, is priceless.

Have you been there for your partner when you didn’t want to be, but you knew they would want it?

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