An oldie but a goodie. Seeing as C is for Cunnilingus is still a top 10 article, I’ve been thinking of turning my A to Z this year into a book! What do you think?

The Self-Actualized Life

Welcome to my A to Z blogging challenge!!

An aphrodisiac is defined as a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire or a thing that causes excitement.

The most common aphrodisiacs are usually food. Throughout history, for thousands of years, people have used various sometimes normal and sometimes kinda crazy things to enhance sexual pleasure. Some items are considered aphrodisiacs just because of their very nature. Oysters for instance are said to look like the female vulva, therefore making them sexy, but oysters also boost testosterone. Chocolate, strawberries, champagne: These things are all individually kind of sexy. Put them together and you can’t help but enjoy! Chili pepper is another aphrodisiac. The pepper encourages blood flow, which in turn will allow extra blood flow to sex organs, making this a very powerful one.

However, there are lots of aphrodisiacs you may not see right away and thing of as…

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