Since the Cubs are about to go into the World Series (positive thinking here, they just need to win one more I believe) I thought this would certainly be an appropriate re-blog. Good luck all you Cubs fans!! May your lives be fulfilled with a Word Series 2016 win!!

The Self-Actualized Life

I was sitting next to the hubbs earlier today as he watched his baseball game. Now, the hubbs he doesn’t just love baseball, he LIVES baseball. He’s a die-hard Cubs fan. The best thing about Cubs fans is their eternal optimism that THIS is gonna be the year, REALLY! Bless his lil heart. In any case, he’s a huge sports fan as many men tend to be. Thank the goddess that he doesn’t watch basketball and only the Bears in football or I might not survive all the bloody sports.

In any case, you don’t stay with a baseball superstar for 15 years and not pick up some things. It’s kind of funny that he’s always shocked when I catch something he throws at me (a regular occurrence by the way). You see, the hubbs plays baseball like it’s a contact sport. The last time he played (he plays left-field), he…

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