You make me sick, I want you and I’m hating it~ Pink 

I hope you will all forgive me as I have been SUPER sick for a week and my scheduled posts ran out a few days ago! Eek! Well, I’m still sick and, after another trip to the ER today, hopefully I’ll be fixed right up in a few days. Writing today a couple of things, but the other I’ll re-blog from PsychMediaOne, just in case you’re not following yet. If you’re not following it yet, you’re missing out!! 😉

So, last Monday night I didn’t make it to my doctor before they closed, so I had to go to the ER. At the ER, they gave me the prescription cough syrup, Augmentin (antibiotic), prescription Zyrtec (allergy medicine), and a Solumedrol Dose Pack (steroids) for a pretty bad Ear and Sinus’ infection. Since I have migraines and often have ear pain, it didn’t occur to me that it could be more than that, until I was laying in the bed crying from the pain. This is when the hubbs finally convinced me to go to the ER. Well, it takes a few days to start feeling better from antibiotics, as anyone who has been on them can attest, however by Friday when I was still feeling absolutely no different, I called my doctor. Naturally, since it was Friday afternoon, they couldn’t fit me in.

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I tried to tough it out until Monday morning, but then I found out I wouldn’t be able to get there until Tuesday afternoon, so I went to the MedPost Urgent Care, practically next door to me. When I walked in, I encountered two of the rudest people I have ever come in contact with and that’s saying something! If you want to read my scathing yelp review, go here, it seems I wasn’t the only one to have the pleasure of disliking the place so much. In any case, even though I was coughing, obviously ill, done with the medication (and had brought the bottles with me so they could see what I had already taken), weak, on the verge of passing out (because I walked, figuring, since it was close, it wouldn’t be a big deal), they didn’t care. Not only did they refuse to check me in to see the doctor, but took the bottles back to whomever was in the back, came back and said I needed to give it “time” to work. Now, the reason there is an epidemic of antibiotic resistance going around is because people feel better after taking a few days of antibiotics, then stop. Once the entire bottle was gone, in ADDITION to the steroids, and everything else I was taking, I should have been feeling at least a little better. So, back to the ER, returned with a new antibiotic, an inhaler, cough medicine, more Zyrtec, and I feel better after one dose. It just makes me so angry when medical personnel treat sick people poorly.

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On a funny side note, after I had been sick a couple of days last week, I woke up and I was pretty grumpy. The hubbs went into the other room and says to my 11 year old, you might wanna give mom a little breathing room. She’s not feeling well today and she’s not happy. To which my 11 year old replies, she’s sick and she’s got her period, I’m not going anywhere near her!! LOL 

On top of that, I don’t usually advertise that I know HIPPA and I know what I’m talking about (because I began studying Peds ER, before hurting my back and having to switch to Psychology) so first they tried telling me one excuse, in direct opposition/violation of HIPPA. Then, they used another excuse, that was completely inaccurate medically! I really hate when people try to prey on the fact that someone else might be not knowledgeable about something and so they just make up some baloney that most people wouldn’t question. I think it’s fairly well-known that medicine has it’s own language and most people don’t know it. Throwing something back at someone that isn’t true is not only rude, but offensive and insulting.

If someone comes in to see you, then you treat them poorly on TOP of it, you shouldn’t be in the medical profession. I’m sorry, this is the job you chose. That means when someone comes to you for help, you don’t treat them like a nuisance. That being said, if you see MedPost Urgent Care, DO NOT go there. I’ve posted poor reviews everywhere I could think of so I figured here would be only fair to post as well!

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Oops, too late! 😛 

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