For Throwback Thursday, how about some fun? My favorite dirty joke!

The Self-Actualized Life

Since I had a very long 24 hours, of which I worked 14, I am exhausted (reminder: I have serious chronic pain/migraine issues) ! I wrote a post on lunch and (natch!) left it at work! duhr! Anyhow, today we were having a little silly fun and I told my favorite dirty joke. It went over pretty big so I thought I would share it with you guys!!

A flea shows up for his vacation in Florida one winter. He goes into the bar and he’s shivering. He sidles up next to his buddy at the bar. His friend says, why are you so cold? The first flea says, “Well, I was in this guys mustache and he was on a Harley so it was pretty cold.” His buddy says, “No, this is what you do. Find yourself a nice stewardess, crawl up her leg, get all nice and comfy. Next…

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