#reducerecyclereuse ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just in case you were curious. I am choosing to recycle this particular article because I just returned from Florida where I spent time with my mom and step-dad (they live about 2 hours apart). My step-dad was in a rehabilitation hospital and it’s pretty scary for me. I love this nice remembrance of him and how special he is to me.

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Since I have so desperately missed psychology, I have decided to add tele-therapy sessions to my repertoire and you can find that webpage at Self-Actualization Therapy. It will be more clinical psychology and less personal but I would LOVE to see you all there!!

The Self-Actualized Life

I dunno if any of you have noticed, but most of my posts have something to do with music, in name or a lyric, in the title. In any case, my daughter (20 years old) often reads what I write, which is almost to cool to put into words, was bummed when I told herโ€™d Iโ€™d stopped using song lyrics and titles in my article names. When a 20 year old, much less one related to you, starts to read your stuff, thatโ€™s pretty cool. So, I figured it was time to put the music back into play!

When the hubbs and I first met, like for read in person, it was almost three months after we actually โ€œmetโ€ since we met online. One our way back from a club, the fist weekend we were really together, this song came onโ€ฆ.

As I drove back to the hubbs place, whoโ€ฆ

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